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Our company can reasonably design different kinds of bucket from the shape, material, thickness and mechanical characteristics and so on. Digging bucket sizes range from 0.25 to 6 cubic meters. The advanced cutting technology, large grinding machine, CO2 gas shielded welding machine, other production equipment and skilled operation ensure good quality of bucket.
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Alkaline Lipase
Our lipase is abstracted from deeply-fermented foreign aspergullus niger stains. Lipase can hydrolyze triglycercide or fatty acid ester to produce mono- or di-glyceride and free fatty acid and natural oil to produce fatty acid and glycerin and can catalyze ester synthesis and exchange reaction. Our lipase has a wide scope of application including cleaning agent, detergent, feed additive, flour improving agent, healthy product, flavoring agent of milk products, grease refinement, food degreasing and makeup industries.
I. Characteristics
1. Definition of activity. One enzyme activity is defined to be 1μmol titratable fatty acid in the hydrolysis substrate of 1g enzyme powder (or 1ml liquid enzyme) after 1min under 37℃ and pH7.5. It is expressed in u/g(u/ml).
2. Specification: liquid phase: 10000~100000u/ml (or upon request of customer) 
                           Solid phase: 5000~100000u/g (or upon request of customer)
3. Standard: conform to GB/T23535-2009
II. Properties
1. Temperature range: 15℃-60℃
2. PH range: 3-12

III. Packing, shipping and storage
1. Pack liquid lipase with 25kg-capacity plastic drum. Pack solid lipase 1kg-capacity or 2kg-capacity plastic bag. Then pack bags with 20kg-capacity carton or 20kg-capacity paper barrel.
2. The product contains bioactive substances. Strong light, high temperature and high humidity will deactivate enzyme easily, resulting in a poor performance. Thus, it is necessary to protect product against rain, moisture and direct sunshine during shipping and storage. Keep the warehouse clean, cool, dry and ventilated. The shelf time of product is 18-month at a cool and dry place under 25℃ or below.
Alkaline Lipase
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