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Glucose oxidase will be a new member of food additives

Summary: At 30th October, a new content has been added into the colomn Adminstration of food additivesof National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center. For the glucose oxidase having applied for being a new member of food additives, NFSRAC is asking for opinions from society at the moment.

Essential information of glucose oxidase

English name: Glucose oxidase

System name: β-D-glucose:oxygen-1-oxidoreductase

Other names:  Glucose oxyhydrase ; 

Glucose aerodehydrogenase ;

β-d-glucose oxidase ;

dglucose oxidase ; 

d-glucose-1-oxidase ; 

β-d-glucose:quinone oxidoreductase ;

Function classification: processing aid for food industryenzyme preparations

Applicable range and dosage:

Glucose oxidase applies for the use of processing aid for food industryenzyme preparations during food processing, and must be used appropriate according to manufacture requirement. Under the premise of meeting the production demands, the maximum recomanded usage of this glucose oxidase is 30 mg TOS[]/kg for solid food and 10 mg TOS/mg for nondairy beverage.

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