Relieve the pain of dyeing with efficient enzyme
DuPont introduces the latest amylase – EXCELLENZ®S 3300, an important detergent ingredient that provides excellent cleaning performance while meeting consumers’ demand for convenience.EXCELLENZ®S 3300 performs exceptionally well, with a much higher percentage of removed soil  than amylase currently available on the market.This means that EXCELLENZ®S 3300 is muchl suited to shorten performance gaps in short cycles, as well as to today's highly compact unit dose products. Detergent manufacturers produce compact detergents for many reasons - less packaging, less shipping weight to meet consumers’ demand.Through extensive testing,EXCELLENZ®S 3300 also has excellent performance in removing mixed starch from tableware. Even with the compact formula, manufacturers have eliminated fillers, partially removed soda water or added different, more concentrated ingredients.To many people in the world today, increasing the convenience of housework and minimizing their environmental footprint has never been more important.Rest assured, DuPont is already working hard to predict future’s trends and to ensure that our enzymes meet the mission of ensuring performance never decreases.
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