DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences Launches Brewing Enzyme LAMINEX? MaxFlow 4G in Australia
DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences is introducing a new enzyme solution to Australian brewers: LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G filtration enzyme. The solution is from the DuPont brewing enzymes range - and features an unprecedented ability to maximize beer flow, especially on barley, which is a common ingredient in Australia.
For the large-scale brewer, it’s all about keeping cost under control while ensuring a high and consistent throughput. Modern brewing enzymes can help provide solutions to many of the inherent challenges in beer brewing today - from faster processing and limiting CAPEX to reducing environmental impact by saving energy.
Using a special combination of β-glucanase and xylanase, DuPont™ LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G is developed with a particular focus on beer filtration and the suitability for use with all conventional types of separation equipment used.
LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G is very efficient in reducing high-molecular weight β-glucan and pentosan levels in all types of wort, making mash separation and beer filtration much easier and faster due to the reduction in wort viscosity.
Improving mash separation and beer filtration enables brewers to increase brewhouse yield and reduce energy and water associated with filter cleaning. As a result, brewers can reduce the use of water - both in the brewhouse and throughout the supply chain - allowing them to make gains in their sustainability goals. The benefits of using LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G include approximately 0.10 percent higher brewhouse yield, 0.15 percent lower beer losses and 17.5 percent higher throughput at beer filtration.
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