DuPont Launches POWERPasta? Enzymes to Help Food Manufacturers Offer Products with Improved Appearance and “Bite” at Reduced Cost
DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences today announced the launch of its DuPont™ Danisco® POWERPasta™ range of enzymes, the latest solution for customers in the rapidly expanding global pasta sector. DuPont's advanced enzyme technology is widely known for bringing value and new functionalities to the food and beverage industries, while improving nutrition and reducing food waste worldwide.
POWERPasta™ helps maintain the eating, cooking and serving qualities and authentic color of durum pastas from pack to plate, while helping food companies realize the significant raw material cost saving potential of less expensive locally or regionally sourced wheat.
In addition, the POWERPasta™ range of enzymes helps to reduce stickiness after cooking, helps prevent overcooking and improve the shape and appearance of pasta, all of which leads to a better dish of pasta.
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