Un Camion“roulant a betterave”

It's a great first. At Tereos, a truck running exclusively on bioethanol ED95  carries beets harvested near the sites of Tereos Sucre France.THE ED95 contains about 95% ethanol and 5% additives and is produced from beet-to-sugar processing residues: "This is a truck where beet residues carry beetroot!" explains Valérie Corre, Business Director Tereos Alcohol/Ethanol Regulations. "This is a prototype on loan from swedish manufacturer Scania, our preferred partner in this field since 2015. This truck was used during the last behesian campaign by our carriers who were able to test it. This approach is fully integrated into the circular economy logic on which the Tereos model is based. This allows it to reduce its environmental impact and enhance the value of raw materials."

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