Novozymes announces all-new liquefaction platform and reveals next yeast technology.

Novozymes, today announces two major launches during the Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo (FEW) to continue supporting the growth of the renewable fuel industry. 

Fortiva is a new alpha-amylase technology that helps customers avoid having to choose between maximizing enzyme performance and operational efficiency. In yeast, Force continues to deliver on the promise to quickly bring innovative, robust, and reliable biological solutions to the market from the Innova yeast platform established last year.

“Fortiva and Innova Force both provide ethanol producers with the technology needed to push for greater profits in changing market conditions – and they underline Novozymes’ continued commitment to support the ethanol industry with innovation that makes a real, meaningful difference for the producer,” says Brian Brazeau, Vice President, Biofuels Commercial North America at Novozymes. “Novozymes has always spearheaded biological innovation for the ethanol industry; Fortiva and Force continue that journey with more to come as we work to unlock the full potential of biology.”

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