Cleaning Endoscopes with Enzyme Cleaner
The issue with liquid enzyme cleaners is that the enzyme is active in the liquid state. As such, the protein enzyme may eat itself (autocatalysis) or otherwise degrade and lose activity over time (because, after all, it is active and enzymes are made of protein).  The detergent formulator may use excess enzyme and more expensive ingredients to stabilize the enzyme in order to get any kind of useful shelf life.  Extra care in the storage and handling conditions with the shelf life and monitoring may be required with liquid enzyme cleaners as well.Powdered enzymatic cleaners such as Tergazyme® Enzyme-Active Powdered Detergent are highly stable in the powder state and only become active when dissolved in solution. This also results in a substantially more economical and, even more importantly,  reliable cleaner.  The shelf life of Tergazyme powder in a sealed or tightly closed container is two years.  (Please note that due to the above reason, we recommend usage of a diluted Tergazyme detergent solution within 8 hours to ensure highest proteolytic activity.)
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