Codexis and Molecular Assemblies Partner to Transform the Field of DNA Synthesis
Codexis, Inc. (Nasdaq: CDXS), a leading protein engineering company and developer of high-performance enzymes, and Molecular Assemblies, Inc., a pioneer in the field of enzymatic DNA synthesis, announce a partnership to engineer enzymes to deliver differentiated and cost-effective solutions for the enzymatic synthesis of DNA.
Under the terms of the agreement, Codexis will purchase $1 million in Series A preferred stock of Molecular Assemblies, and John Nicols, Codexis' President and CEO will join the Molecular Assemblies' Board of Directors. Furthermore, by applying its CodeEvolver® platform technology to improve the DNA polymerase enzymes that are critical for enzymatic DNA synthesis, Codexis is eligible to earn additional Series A preferred stock that is expected, including success-based milestones, to accumulate to an ownership stake in excess of 10%. Molecular Assemblies will combine its advanced chemistries with Codexis' enzymes to drive the process to commercialization.
The synthesis of DNA is a crucial component in several industries including pharmaceuticals, agriculture and synthetic biology. The current chemical process for gene and DNA synthesis was developed in the 1980s and has long been recognized as a bottleneck to expanding the applications for synthetic DNA. Enzymatic DNA synthesis can overcome the significant limitations of chemical synthesis and enable the cost-effective production of ever-lengthening strands of DNA, with the ultimate goal of creating a complete genome. Applications for synthetic DNA are numerous, with many yet to be discovered, and include biotherapeutics, diagnostics and production of improved textiles, crops, biomaterials and polymers. Among the most novel of these applications are bio-computing and DNA-based data storage.

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